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Unirack was established in 2005 and has become the first choice for businesses looking for optimal solutions to warehouse pallet racking, shelving and materials handling. Committed to addressing storage challenges, Unirack offers a comprehensive range of products designed to streamline warehouse operations and enhance overall efficiency. Their advanced pallet racking system caters to businesses that deal with pallets. It provides a secure and efficient method of storage compatible with forklifts. Noteworthy for its commitment to safety, Unirack ensures the secure storage of items, even when stacked to considerable heights, adhering to the highest safety standards.

Unirack understands the diverse storage requirements of businesses and provides robust, longspan shelving that is designed specifically for manual handling situations. This shelving solution is flexible and durable, and comes in a variety colours. Businesses can tailor their storage to match specific products or spaces. Unirack's longspan shelving addresses storage challenges with precision, offering bespoke solutions that align with the unique requirements of businesses.

Unirack, recognizing the importance of efficient materials management within a warehouse offers solutions that enhance overall operational efficiency. Unirack's materials handling solutions, from storage to access and movements, ensure that products are handled safely and easily. They have established themselves as a trusted partner, contributing to the optimisation and smooth operation of materials handling processes.

Unirack offers strong workbenches that are designed to provide stability and longevity in a variety of environments, such as warehouses, offices, and workshops. These workbenches withstand the demands of different settings, contributing to the creation of efficient workspaces that enhance overall productivity.

Unirack is a reliable business partner because it offers a range of guarantees that go beyond the norm. With a remarkable 10-year guarantee, 100% Australian ownership, instant stock availability, competitive pricing, and a free design service, Unirack stands as a beacon of reliability. Unirack, with its largest range of colours and sizes, commitment to safety and adherence to Australia’s highest standards is more than just a storage solution provider. It is a strategic business partner dedicated to the success and efficiency for businesses. Contact Unirack to begin a journey of transformation towards improved warehouse storage and materials-handling capabilities.


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